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CBD Peach Rings (1000MG)


<div class="w-product-description__wrapper" data-v-77d285b2="" data-v-ab1ca44a=""> <div class="w-product-description font--small font--secondary text-component" style="box-sizing: inherit; font-size: var(--font-step-minus-1-size); letter-spacing: var(--letter-spacing); font-family: var(--secondary-font); font-weight: var(--secondary-font-weight,400); margin-bottom: 16px;" data-v-8c293188="" data-v-77d285b2=""> <strong>1000 MG bag</strong> 12 peach rings per bag. 83 MG per ring and 1000MG total in bag. ZERO THC NO MED CARD NEEDED </div> </div>

CBD Peach Rings (300MG)


12 peach rings per bag. CBD Peach rings have 25mg per ring. Bags contain 300mg total


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