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Pet Flea & Parasite

Pet Flea & Parasite


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Pet Flea and Parasite

Synergy blend of  Cedarwood & Pine oil.

The Pets’ Parasites Formula
Safe for you, your family, your pets, and your environment, the “Parasites Formula” is a natural mean to keep away from your animals, large and small, many external parasites such as fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, flies, lice.

There are several methods to use this formula concentrated in insecticidal and insects repellent essential oils. The results of each method are excellent. Simply choose the one you feel most able to handle, the less demanding for you, and for the animal you want to protect.

In spray for your environment, a 15 ml bottle of The Pets’ Parasites Formula allows to make 140 liters of a ready-to-use solution.

Small Animals:
For an anti flea, anti tick shampoo: dilute 5 ml (1 tsp.) of the Parasites Formula in one liter of natural shampoo (check out our CBD Shampoo for pets). Shake the bottle well so that it blends evenly. After applying the shampoo, leave 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing.

“Spot-on” method: between the shoulders of the animal, on its back, spreading out the hair, pour between 5 and 10 drops of undiluted formula directly on the skin. Over time, the oils will spread, blending in the greasy film that protects the skin of your pet.

With a brush : in one or more times, pour 5 to 10 drops of this undiluted formula on a brush, and use it to brush the animal.

Make a flea collar : pour a few drops of the undiluted formula on the inside of your pet’s collar before it wears it.

Spray : in a small spray bottle, combine 10 drops of the formula with 75 to 100 ml of warm water, not boiling, and spray the contents on your pet’s coat, agitating frequently your spray bottle to ensure good dispersion of the oils. Avoid eyes and mucous membranes.

Large animals:
Most methods described for small animals are also valid for large animals. However, direct and careful application of the undiluted formula with a brush seems preferable to others.

The environment of your animal:
It is essential to treat your pet’s environment, whether inside your home for a cat or dog, or in adjoining buildings for large animals, such as stables and barns.
This will require making a spray as follows:

15 drops of Parasites Formula, to dilute in,
60 ml (4 tbsp.) of alcohol, to dilute in,
4 liters of water.
Follow well the steps of dilution, ensuring good homogeneity of the final blend. Shake your spray container before each use. Spray the places where your pets live.

Frequency of use:
Typically, a careful application of the “Parasites Formula” on the animal once every two weeks, and a careful treatment of the environment once a month is enough. However, depending on the season, and of variable risks of exposure according to the location to be treated, these frequencies can be increased without danger.

The “Parasites Formula” is described here as an example of a natural method that can be used in the care of pets. This formula cannot be used to diagnose or treat diseases in animals, or even be an excuse to discontinue treatments prescribed by your attending veterinarian. If in doubt about the health of your pet, ask your regular veterinarian.

Concentrated product: do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. Keep out of the reach of children.

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